Battery CSB GP 1272 F2 12v 7,2 ah



BATTERY CSB GP 1272 F2 12v 7,2Ah

BATTERY CSB GP 1272 di desain untuk UPS APC yang sangat handal untuk sistem standby. Kami merupakan distributor resmi Battery CSB di Indonesia.

Aplikasi Battery CSB GP 1272

  • Battery CSB 7,2Ah digunakan UPS
  • PLTS tenaga surya
  • Back up DC
  • Untuk mainan anak-anak

Dimensi battery CSB GP 1272 F2

Battery Kering CSB GP1272 F2 ( 12V 7,2AH )
Dimensi: 151×64.8×94.3mm ( PxLxT )
Berat Netto: 3kg

Battery CSB 12V 7,2Ah

Spesifikasi teknik Battery CSB GP 1272 F2

Cells Per Unit 6
Voltage Per Unit 12 V
Capacity 8.0 Ah @ 20hr-rate to 1.75V per cell @ 25°C (77°F)
Weight (kg) Approx. 2.40kg. (5.29 lbs.)
Maximum Discharge current (A) 100A/130A (5sec.)
Internal Resistance Approx. Approx. 23mΩ
Operating Temperature Range Discharge:-15℃~50℃(5°F~122°F)
Nominal Operating Temperature Range 25°C ± 3°C (77°F ± 5°F)
Float charging voltage 13.5 to 13.8 VDC/unit Average at 25°C (77°F)
Recommended Maximum Charging current limit 2.16A
Equalization and Cycle Service 14.4 to 15.0 VDC/unit Average at 25°C (77°F)
Self Discharge It should be more than 75% of the capacity that before storage after stocked for 6 months at ambient temp. 25℃ Terminal
F1/F2-Faston Tab187/250 Container Material
ABS(UL94-HB) & Flammability resistance of(UL94-V0) can be available upon request.

Untuk battery UPS 7,2 ah kami mempunya berbagai merk :

  • Panasonic
  • Rocket
  • Vision
  • Powerkingdom
  • Ritar
  • Yuasa
  • Leoch
  • SMT-Power
  • GP stands for General Purpose. The series is a modern hi-tech energy application product, and the first generation delicate product in our company. Main features as follow: When it is used in safe surroundings, the battery is maintenance free, adding water is unnecessary and it can be recharged repeatedly.With isolated seal, it can be put in horizontal way, vertical way and side way, its safety and functions totally will not be affected,With special formula to manufacture lead calcium alloy as well as automatic progresses, gassing will be less.

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